Hellenic American
Hippocratic Society

Hellenic American Hippocratic Society

A private non-profit society of physicians and scientists

The Hellenic American Hippocratic Society is a private, non-profit society of physicians and scientists whose main interest is the study of the musculoskeletal system. Members of the society are United States or Canada or Greek citizens or permanent residents. The members of the society work together to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences and professional opportunities within the field of orthopaedic surgery. In addition, it is the focus of the society to recognize outstanding contributions to knowledge or understanding of orthopaedic problems. It is within the scope of the society to promote scientific or professional interactions in the forms of scientific meetings, observership programs or any other forms of professional activity that strengthen the understanding and treatment of the orthopaedic diseases as well as the professional achievements of the members.

Recognition Levels

Olympic Founder
$5000 or more





  • Apostolos Dimitroulias, MD
  • Anastasios Papadonikolakis, MD